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Chestnut Hill Partners approach differs by pre-empting the auction process followed by most private equity investors. Chestnut Hill Partners works with companies and/or divisions whose gross annual sales are in the $50 million to $500 million range, with occasional assignments outside that range.

We serve strategic and financial buyers by finding acquisition candidates that closely match their requirements. Utilizing our proprietary GO DEEP™ methodology, we conduct focused and highly effective searches. Once we identify appropriate companies, we use our experience and expertise to initiate and augment the acquisition process.

Chestnut Hill Partners’ fees are earned from the buyer and only at the close of a transaction. In many cases, we have invested our own money alongside the buyer. It is a further example of our commitment to and confidence in the ultimate success of the transaction.


Our Mission is to assist buyers in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and recapitalizations with clear thinking, extensive hands-on knowledge, and sophisticated database management. These are distinguishing features of Chestnut Hill Partners. Our ability to anticipate problems and propose effective solutions has been a hallmark of our success in closing transactions.


Our Philosophy is to become Management’s partner. Chestnut Hill Partners and its co-investors enjoy excellent relationships with its management partners. The firm’s principals take the time to understand the issues facing management teams going through the investment process and prudently structure transactions to accommodate the capital needs and growth opportunities of each business. Through this interaction, Chestnut Hill and management develop a growth strategy and a capital structure that fully consider the interests of all parties concerned – employees, selling shareholders, the management team, and the business itself.

Management equity ownership is a critical component of Chestnut Hill’s investment philosophy. We believe that the most successful opportunities are created by management teams that have increased operating autonomy and meaningful equity ownership in their companies. As a result, we offer attractive equity and compensation incentives to our management partners, enabling them to build wealth commensurate with their contributions to the growth of their businesses.

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